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  • Masterful, I'm going to properly grammar-check your Nidoking analysis soon, but one thing that has been really bugging me is that you said "Pokemon who can reliably set up Stealth Rock, such as Blastoise or Hitmontop" in the first set's comments, although neither of those can learn Stealth Rock through any method. I assume you were mixing it up with Rapid Spin?
    i'm relatively unreachable Monday until 7 PM my time, and Tuesday-Thursday until 5 PM. Friday-Sunday work most times. i can never figure out time zones...does you being GMT - 7 mean it's 9 o clock for you when it's 7 o clock for me? what times are you available? finally, i think i've gotten really good at little cup in the time i've played it. i'm still pretty scrubby since i'm really new, but i built a very good team and got to number 1 on the ladder with it. i slumped, but i'm getting it back >.<. the only thing that pisses my team off is curse lickitung, that douchebag.
    i believe you're my LC tutor for round 3. i've only been playing since round 2, so i'm still pretty noob. i'm est, gmt-5, so we're a bit off, but i'm sure we can work something out. oh, and hi :D.
    Hey, when are you free for our RBY tourney match? I'm at +12 GMT, and reasonably free during the day this week.
    you were subbed in for the RBY OU Tournament, contact your opponent ASAP!
    >implying that you didn't already hate me regardless

    I'ma lol if you say you didn't - obvious troll is obvious
    No; I know what your intentions were - you were simply looking to troll me with an opening flame based on someone else's trolling.
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